It was one of the more subtle changes showcased during yesterday’s WWDC keynote: Apple finally ditched its OS typeface Lucida Grande to use Helvetica Neue across the board. Now, at least the OS and iOS systems match. But is Helvetica, which is basically unreadable at small sizes, really a better choice? The slim, unfussy Helvetica Neue is a spot-on pick for the new OS design in several ways: It is clean and uncomplicated, which aligns perfectly with the quest for flatness that pervades the new interface and icons. And it is a typeface that certainly imbues sophistication and timelessness upon its content, it’s a classic font, historically embraced by designers, that has been around for decades. It’s pretty! The Future of Apple Design Is Hidden Inside…

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Designers Explain Why Apple’s New OS X Typeface Is a Strange Choice

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