107 million us adults belong to at least 2 social media networks. Of those people, 73% belong to 3 networks, 56% belong to 4 and 23% have accounts with 7 or more social networks. (I’ll bet most of you can’t even name more than 7 social networks in 30 seconds!) Why so many accounts? 72% of users say it’s because certain platforms are simply better suited to different interests. Because of that, 60% connect with different types of people and brands on different networks. You’ll find this data in a new whitepaper from IPG Media Labs and 140 Proof called “A Network for Every Interest: How People Actively Manage Their Social Profiles Across Multiple Platforms.” Since I spend so much time on the internet for work and play…

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52 Percent Of Social Users Say It’s Different Platforms For Different Interests

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