Ever since the Raspberry Pi burst onto the scene in 2012, open source hardware projects have been promoting their Linux-ready hacker boards as offering faster, more capable alternatives. Considering the Pi’s 700MHz ARM11 processor and relatively modest feature set, that’s not such a stretch, but matching the $35 price is another story. If you can’t match the price, what you really need to get the attention of Pi-lovers looking for a bit more oomph is to look and act like a Pi. That’s the strategy of two new Raspberry Pi clones: Lemaker.org’s Banana Pi and SolidRun’s HummingBoard. The two SBCs closely approximate the size, I/O, and port placement of the RasPi. They also provide identical 26-pin expansion headers to support RasPi add-on modules. …

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Raspberry Pi Clones Match the Connectors, But Boost the Firepower

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