If you thought the war between Microsoft and VMware was over… well, it isn’t. Of course, “the war” these days looks more like skirmishes rather than some of the bloody battles that took place only a few years ago. So in that respect, perhaps the war is over, replaced instead with a more sporadic bar room brawl of sorts. Last week, Microsoft took another punch at VMware in an effort to win over its VMware vSphere users. To do that, the Redmond giant has rolled out a new version of its Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC) tool, version 2.0 for those of you counting at home. With the latest release, Microsoft is pitching its converter tool as a way to convert virtual machines and virtual disk formats from VMware …

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Microsoft 2.0 Converter Tool Targets VMware VMs with Migration to Hyper-V and Azure : @VMblogcom

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