Cornerstone Commissioning: More Than Just A Business

On Episode 79 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with business owner Dan Frasier, about entrepreneurship & how his company, Cornerstone Commissioning Inc., is more than just a business!

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The Permanence of Pictures in Today’s Digital World

On Episode 70 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with photographer Al Pereira about what it takes to be a great photographer and the permanence of pictures in today’s digital world.

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Archiving for Perpetuity: Is it Relevant?

On Episode 64 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with entrepreneur Greg Arnette, about new business technology and archiving for perpetuity.

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Dos and Don’ts of Designing

Today on the Edge of Innovation, we are talking with Benjamin Nutter from Benjamin Nutter Architects, an architectural firm based in Topsfield, Massachusetts. He’s sharing the dos and don’t of designing as well as some advice for aspiring architects.

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Unwrapping the Christmas Present of Understanding

Today, on Episode 19 of the Edge of Innovation, we discuss the psychology of design with researcher and author Victor Yocco. Learn more about Victor and his new book Design for the Mind, here: http://www.victoryocco.com/

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