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Homemade Speakers

I had the awesome opportunity of taking the EE423 Speaker Design class offered at USC while I was going to school there. The class is taught by engineers from JBL, with some help from people like Tom Holman (the TH in THX guy!), who happens to be a researcher at USC. I learned a lot about speaker design, and ended up with a pretty awesome pair of bookshelf monitor speakers. The speakers use Vifa TC14SG49-04 5.5″ midwoofers and Peerless 53 NDT Neodymium 1″ tweeters. The inital boxes were prototyped in cardboard. Despite looking absolutely terrible, using 3 layers of sandwiched cardboard actually works extremely well in terms of audio response. Here you can see a diagram showing the 200-10 khz response (tweeter is thin line, midwoofer is thicker…

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Homemade Speakers

10 Useful PHP Libraries and Classes

1. Unirest UniRest is a collection of light weight HTTP Request Client Libraries for many languages including Node, Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, Objective C, .Net and Windows 8. It has support for GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE and DELETE operations.

2. JqmPhp jqmPhp is a open source package of PHP classes that allow the creation of HTML files for use with jQuery Mobile Framework. All classes in the jqmPhp package can be converted to string and printed with an echo function.

3. PhpFastCache phpFastCache is an open source high performing PHP caching library which makes your website runs smooth on any shared hosting. it has support for multiple caching methods such as apc, memcache, memcached, wincache, files, pdo and mpdo. It is the distributed object caching system which is intended for use…

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10 Useful PHP Libraries and Classes

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