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HummingBoard Looks Like a Raspberry Pi but Packs in More Power

A new computer called the “HummingBoard” takes on the same basic shape as the Raspberry Pi but uses a more powerful processor and supports more operating systems. SolidRun, which also makes the CuBox-i computer we wrote about, just started selling the HummingBoard in several configurations ranging from $45 to $100, not including the price of a power adapter and Micro SD card. “The HummingBoard allows you to run many open source operating systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Arch, as well as Android and XBMC,” SolidRun says. “With its core technology based on SolidRun’s state-of-the-art Micro System on a Module (MicroSOM), it has ready-to-use OS images, and its open hardware comes with full schematics and layout. Best of …

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“HummingBoard” looks like a Raspberry Pi but packs in more power

How To Run Android On Windows PC And Mac The Easy Way For Free

By Paul Morris | May 14th, 2014

Let us introduce you to Andy. Or Andyroid. Not a particularly outstanding product name, but definitely something Android fans will need to have in their lives. It isn’t exactly a great secret that the world of mobile is huge right now. Mobile hardware, the software that powers them and the third-party apps to extend them are extremely hot property at the minute. But don’t you sometimes feel that the gulf between mobile and desktop is getting larger and larger? Andyroid is a product that’s looking to solve that by breaking down the barrier between the two. Andyroid can be thought of in the same light as BlueStacks or YouWave, with the added bonus being that it is…

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How To Run Android On Windows PC And Mac The Easy Way For Free

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