Launched in January 2013, LeadPages has gained over 16,000 paying customers. Hitting a $3.5 million run rate the first nine months after launching, they are growing at about 20% month-over-month (compound growth). The tips and tactics Tim Paige, Conversion Educator at LeadPages, shares in this webinar are based on billions of data points and thousands of split tests. LeadPages processes about 3 million opt-ins per month and about 15 million page views per month. They store billions of data points. But how did LeadPages go from 0 to 15,000 customers in 12 months? In the webinar, Paige shares the following tips: Create a Lot of Opt-in Opportunities (Webinars, Free Reports, Live Demos, etc.) When LeadPages was created, Paige said the founders didn’t start by building a product. Instead, …

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How Did LeadPages go From 0 to 15,000 Customers in 12 Months?

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