With two cofounders, three developers, and less than $1 million in seed funding, Sher.ly intends to bypass one of the most frustrating, ubiquitous parts of cloud storage: syncing. To accomplish that goal, Sher.ly has abandoned the cloud altogether. It sounds backwards for a cloud startup, but Sher.ly is not just local storage, explained Sher.ly chief Blazej Marciniak. The startup makes software that links devices together, enabling access to all of your files from any connected device without actually moving your data anywhere. Syncing sucks, said Marciniak in a conversation with VentureBeat. 90% of sync data is a waste of traffic and bandwidth, because you move around data you don’t really need – so we came up with a …

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Meet Sher.ly, the ambitious ‘cloud’ startup that plans to destroy sync

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