Port of the Symfony WebProfiler Bundle as a Drupal 8 module. Dependencies D3.js library, download here and put d3.min.js into libraries/d3 directly into the docroot highlight.js, download here and put highlight.pack.js and idea.css into /libraries/highlight directly into the docroot Implemented collectors Asset Blocks Cache Config Database Extension (Modules and Themes) Form Memory PhpConfig Request Routing State Timeline User Views See more at: http://www.wellnet.it/en/blog/porting-symfony-web-profiler-bundle-drupal-8 Warning Web profiler 8.x-1.x-dev is maintained aligned to the current Drupal 8 HEAD, probably it doesn’t work with any alpha versions. From Drupal 8.x-alpha11 we provide a release aligned to the current Drupal 8 alpha version.

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