Continuing the trend towards free, unlimited cloud storage, Microsoft this morning increased the amount of capacity that it offers free to regular users of its OneDrive service to 15 gigabytes, more than double its previous offering of 7 gigabytes. The company will also now offer a full terabyte of storage to all Office 365 customers. If you want more storage capacity, but don’t want to pony up for Office, you can now pay $1.99 monthly for 100 gigabytes, or $3.99 each month for 200 gigabytes. The latter storage option cost $11.49, previously. What this boils down to is that Microsoft has greatly increased the amount of storage that it is giving away for free, and, if you buy Office as a subscription in any capacity, you get what works out to …

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Microsoft More Than Doubles OneDrive’s Free Cloud Storage To 15 Gigabytes | TechCrunch

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