If you’re an aspiring animator, this might be the best news you’ll hear this month: Pixar is giving away – that’s right, giving away – a version of RenderMan, its in-house rendering software. Gratis. No catch. You’ll be able to download the program some time in August. Pixar has used RenderMan, which costs $500 a pop for commercial use, to render some of its best-known animated features like Wall-E, Up and Toy Story, so this is a really, really big deal. It’s just one part of a larger software suite that goes into a Pixar blockbuster – it’s not an animation program, and you’ll definitely need one of those – but it’s remarkably capable. And it’s free. Simply fill up a registration form, download the program when …

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You Can Grab the Same Software Pixar Used to Make Wall-E For Free Soon

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