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I am a programmer over at Iron Galaxy Studios. I’ve been programming professionally in the games industry for nearly ten years now. My main focus is on graphics and optimizations. I’ve worked on diverse franchises like Madden and Tony Hawk, plus games such as Bioshock Infinite and Crimson Dragon. Find me: @sigmel Sigmel’s ThoughtsLinkedIn I post in: ProgrammingTechnology Instapaper Text Share: Twitter Facebook Reddit Google+ Multi-Threaded Programming 3: Locking, Lock-Free, Wait-Free Now I want to cover the basic terminology used when talking about concurrent algorithms. This will be helpful so that you are familiar with the available techniques you have when you have multiple threads operating together. The term concurrent itself refers to an algorithm that can scale from being synchronous…

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Multi-Threaded Programming 3: Locking, Lock-Free, Wait-Free

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