What Sets Inventors Apart From Other People?

On Episode 110 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re continuing our conversation with inventor Falk Wolsky! This time we’re talking about what sets inventors apart from other people! 

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An Introduction to SEO With Jeremiah Smith

On Episode 86 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with Jeremiah Smith, CEO and founder of Simple Tiger, an SEO and marketing agency. He’s sharing with us an excellent introduction to Search Engine Optimization!

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Nothing is Stopping You From Becoming an Entrepreneur

Today on the Edge of Innovation, we’re talking about entrepreneurship and the challenges that entrepreneurs face.

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How to Measure Positive Outcomes and Achieve Effective Design

On Episode 22 of the Edge of Innovation, we discuss positive outcomes and how important design is with researcher and author Victor Yocco.  Learn more about Victor and his new book Design for the Mind, here:

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