The Basics of Business & Entrepreneurship with Paul Rush

On Episode 91 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with Entrepreneur Paul Rush, about the basics of business and entrepreneurship!

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Why do I love Custom CSS module in Jetpack?

Made by Automattic, Jetpack is one of the most popular plugin for WordPress. It’s not only used on WordPress.com but also on millions of hosted WordPress.org blogs. I did use it when it was first born a long time ago and wasn’t too impressed. But now it has changed a lot and what it brings to users is really powerful. I’m not going to talk everything about Jetpack (you can read a very informative blog post here). I will talk about Custom CSS module in Jetpack, which I’ve just experienced and really love it! 0. What is Custom CSS feature? If you customize a website for clients, there’re occasionally situations that you have to fix CSS or change a small bits …

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Why do I love Custom CSS module in Jetpack?

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