Advice For Someone Starting a Business or Non-Profit

On Episode 106 of The Edge of Innovation, Jacob Young is sharing some advice for someone starting a business or nonprofit organization.

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The Business of Birding: How to Make Money as a Bird Photographer

On Episode 76 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with world-renowned nature photographer Arthur Morris, about the business side of photography and how to make money as a bird photographer!

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Tutorial Tuesday: How To Change Hair Color in Photoshop

June 24, 2014

Today, YouTheDesigner is going to show you how to change hair color in Photoshop. This is a pretty basic technique that uses some basic digital painting elements and uses some masking techniques. It’s fairly simple and easy to follow for even just beginners! What we’re trying to do is to turn the top image into the bottom image. Let’s get started! STEP 01: OPEN YOUR DOCUMENT We took a fashion stock photo courtesy of Shutterstock and opened it up in Adobe Photoshop. Make sure you use a photo with good lighting and and decent resolution so you can build up better quality results. STEP 02: Get the colors! We basically create a new adjustment layer by going to…

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Tutorial Tuesday – How To Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Stop writing code, start drawing it

Abduzeedo is a blog about design. There are all sorts of articles for those who want to look for inspiration. Also you will find very useful tutorials for the most used applications out there, with a special selection of Photoshop Tutorials and Illustrator Tutorials. Of course there are other softwares conteplated like Pixelmator, Fireworks, and web design tutorials.

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Stop writing code, start drawing it

Adobe Photoshop 6 & 7 are better than Photoshop CS and CS2? What? Huh?

Adobe Photoshop 6 and 7 are better than Photoshop CS and CS2? What? Huh?

Well not really, but one thing that version 6 and 7 did have, but was eliminated from CS and CS2, is the ability for Windows XP to display thumbnails of PSD images.

Since I had installed CS, and subsequently CS2, I noticed that I could no longer get thumbnail images to appear in Windows XP. I recently had a bit of time and tracked down the issue. Apparently, some people have had trouble with the thumbnail functionality so Adobe removed that feature. I have not had any real trouble with it. So I found out how to fix it.

Here is how to restore the thumbnail functionality.
Download the thumbfix.exe or thumbfix.zip file from my web site and extract the files to a new folder.
Copy the “psicon.dll” file to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\AdobeShell folder.
Once that is done, double click on the “ThumbsForCS2.reg” file if you are running CS2 or the “ThumbsForCS.reg” file if you are running CS. This will prompt you with a dialog box similar to the following:

“Are you sure you want to add the information in ThumbsForCS2.reg to the registry?”

Click “Yes”

You should see the following dialog:

“Information in ThumbsForCS2.reg has been successfully entered into the registry.”

Click Ok.

This .reg file tells Windows how to use the psicon.dll file.

You should now have Thumbnails once again!

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