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Hyper-V and the Cloneable Domain Controller

In-Depth Hyper-V and the Cloneable Domain Controller Is the new feature an IT game changer or an unnecessary headache? By Rick Vanover 09/19/2014 Sounds funny, but believe it or not, it’s real. Since its release in Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V supports cloning of Domain Controller VMs. Cloning may seem an incredibly naughty task for a domain controller! In fact, I grew up with my Active Directory practice of preferring to address all situations through dcpromo. This includes removing a failed domain controller, moving roles around and transferring to new hardware or a new virtual machine. Windows Server 2012 has a new option that you may want to consider with Hyper-V … Or should you stick to how you’ve been doing Active Directory? Domain controller cloning in Windows …

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Hyper-V and the Cloneable Domain Controller

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