The Ups & Downs of Running a Successful Company

On Episode 93 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with entrepreneur Paul Rush, about the ups & downs of running a successful company.

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Data Discovery Technology Nets DataPad $1.7 Million

Take a guy who literally wrote the book on Python programming tools and add some of venture capitals’ top investors and you have the recipe for DataPad, a new data discovery technology vendor that just raised $1.7 million. DataPad was founded in 2013 by Wes McKinney, who wrote “Python for Data Analysis” (believe me, it’s apparently a big deal among Python programmers) and creator of Pandas, and Chang She, who was a core developer of Pandas and a former data science instructor at Columbia University. Since its launch the two have managed to wrangle $1.7 million in very early stage funding from big name investors including Accel Partners, Google Ventures, a16z Seed Fund, SV Angel, Ludlow Ventures, and angel investors including Jeff Hammerbacher, Tom …

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Data Discovery Technology Nets DataPad $1.7 Million

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