Watermelon Hacks: Just in Time for Summer Watermelon is the perfect snack for hot temperatures. It’s hydrating, crisp, and refreshing, especially when it’s chilled. Yet some people aren’t content with leaving a good thing alone, which has given us many watermelon-based innovations, some great (vodka-filled watermelons) and some delightfully strange (square watermelons). Oddly, not everyone goes crazy for this tasty fruit. If you need to reignite your love for Citrullus lanatus (that’s watermelon in Latin), then be sure to check out all of these hacks. #1. Turn a Watermelon into a Keg Was that sound I just heard your head exploding? Yes, it’s true: someone figured out a way to turn a watermelon itself into a dispenser of fruit-laced alcoholic beverages. This counts as…

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Watermelon Hacks: Just in Time for Summer

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