On Tuesday, Google released a rewrite to their Panda filter algorithm and both large and small sites took notice. Some sites gained in traffic and some sites dove in traffic, we have the Winners & Losers chart for Panda 4.0 already published. But as of this morning, Searchmetrics has updated their weekly US charts, showing the real impact for the top sites that lost traffic. In our previous reports, Searchmetrics told us that Ask.com was hurt most, losing about 75% or more of their search visibility (not traffic) from Google. It seems like eBay and Google’s venture-backed RetailMeNot also lost a tremendous amount of search visibility, about 50% of their Google impressions. Before I share the charts with you, RetailMeNot.com has issued a statement …

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How Google’s Panda Filter Negatively Impacted Ask.com, eBay & Google Backed RetailMeNot.com

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