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The FBI Just Finished Its Insane New Facial Recognition System

After six years and over one billion dollars in development, the FBI has just announced that its new biometric facial recognition software system is finally complete. Meaning that, starting soon, photos of tens of millions of U.S. citizen’s faces will be captured by the national system on a daily basis. The Next Generation Identification (NGI) program will logs all of those faces, and will reference them against its growing database in the event of a crime. It’s not just faces, though. Thanks to the shared database dubbed the Interstate Photo System (IPS), everything from tattoos to scars to a person’s irises could be enough to secure an ID. What’s more, the FBI is estimating that NGI will include as many as 52 million individual faces by next…

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The FBI Just Finished Its Insane New Facial Recognition System

How the NSA & FBI Made Facebook the Perfect Mass Surveillance Tool

Update May 15 at 3:11 PM ET:

Facebook and Akamai responded to VentureBeat’s report. The National Security Agency and the FBI teamed up in October 2010 to develop techniques for turning Facebook into a surveillance tool. Documents released alongside security journalist Glenn Greenwald’s new book, “No Place To Hide,” reveal the NSA and FBI partnership, in which the two agencies developed techniques for exploiting Facebook chats, capturing private photos, collecting IP addresses, and gathering private profile data. According to the slides below, the agencies’ goal for such collection was to capture “a very rich source of information on targets,” including personal details, pattern of life, connections to associates, and media. NSA documents make painfully clear how the agencies collected information …

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How the NSA & FBI made Facebook the perfect mass surveillance tool

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