Building Control Systems: Continuous Commissioning

On Episode 78 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with Dan Frasier, co-founder of Cornerstone Commissioning Inc., about building control systems and continuous commissioning.

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Ed Alexander – Website Content Development and Segmentation

Today on the Edge of Innovation, we are talking with Ed Alexander, founder of Fan Foundry, about developing your Website Content as well as content segmentation and publishing.

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Big Data

On Episode 3 of The Edge of Innovation, we think about the actors involved in big data. What does Google do with it? They sell ads.

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Raspberry Pi, Google Analytics & Elegant Web Design

On Episode 1 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking about RasberyPi, Elegant web design and Google Analytics. The Edge of Innovation is produced in partnership with SaviorLabs.

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Unstructured Data and Textual Analytics – A Must to Do That Organizations Can’t Ignore

Share the Wealth…The amount of unstructured data that piles up in an organization makes it highly difficult for managing, thus leading to storage issues, compliance costs, and escalating corporate risks. Frequently, I’ve found organizing the data into analyzable information that can be utilized for business intelligence is restricted by elements like overheads, resources, and time. According to Gartner analysts, the amount of unstructured information is predicted to go over 800 percent in about 5 years from now. With proper textual analytics, an unstructured text can be changed into a structured and more understandable data. I think that sums up on the vital nature of this analytics in managing unstructured information and their key roles in the running of an organization. Manipulating Unstructured Business Data Looking to Get …

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Unstructured Data and Textual Analytics – A Must to Do That Organizations Can’t Ignore

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